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Our Communities


Bawoorrooga is a small community perched on the top of Ngumpan Cliff – 90ks east of Fitzroy Crossing. It was established approximately 12 years ago by Gooniyandi artist Claude Carter.

The name was given by Claude’s Great Great Grandmother and relates to the land close by known as being the ‘two twins’. Interestingly Claude has a few sets of twins in the family born on the same day but different years.

Bawoorrooga is an excision of pastoral lease Bohemia Downes which is an Indigenous owned station. Marra Worra Worra was able to donate $10K to Claude to develop the community. Of which he invested $8K in a house and $2K on a generator.

For those that know the area the size of the land stretches from up near the tower to down near the parking bay by the highway.

Life in the community is important for Claude and his family as it provides a safe and slow life with access to Ancestral country and important cultural places. Across the road is a powerful area known as being one of the special places of the Rainbow Serpent near Mingalkala.

The community is located near the river but hasn’t been flooded there for a long time.

Claude has plans to develop an art studio and shop for tourists – as well as a hostel for Backpackers. Bawoorrooga is known for developing brilliant art and Colleen Carter has a piece on display on the Royal Perth Hospital. Claude Carter has a piece on display in the University of Melbourne.

At the Numpan Cliff orange rock meets limestone and Claude was saying that is where Walmajarri would meet Gooniyandi.

Our communities are alive and full of stories about how they came to be and why that place in country is important for health and culture.