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Our Communities


The community was established in the early 90s and has approximately 30 to 40 people that call it home. The kids go to Yiyili school. The community started because it was too crowded in Yiyili.

Moongardie is named after a spring in a cave close by. In the Dreaming the Kangaroo and Emu would drink at this spring and get too full. This made light work for the hunters who had good luck hunting at the bottom of the hill.

Kaye, Moongardie’s Chairperson, believes in a continuing to develop a dynamic community and is working hard to develop a road stall that offers local art and stories of the area. Ngullulu is Kaye’s skin group and her totem is the Catfish (in the billabong, not in the river). Kaye’s mum, Jean is a desert woman from Walmajarri, and her Dad is from the river side, Gooniyandi.

Kaye is happy to share her stories to keep her culture strong and to share knowledge of the area. The community has great plans to extend the road stall and also grow veggies like tomatoes and watermelons.

Our communities are alive and full of stories about how they came to be and why that place in country is important for health and culture.