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Our Communities


Wangkatjungka is a large community situated 100km south-east of Fitzroy Crossing. Jimmy Bieundurry was one of the key elders who established Wangkatjunka Community. The community is located on an excision of Christmas Creek Station and is a settlement of predominately Wangkatjungka speaking people.

There are about 180 permanent residents and the people are Wangkatjungka, Walmajarri or Gooniyandi with strong links to their desert culture.

There is a store, Centrelink agent, health clinic, Home and Community Care, play group, school, administration office including community hall and kitchen, football ground and basketball court.

The landscape is hot and dry in summer. However there are gorges, waterholes and caves close by.

Hunting, gathering bush products, hosting people from other communities, travelling on culture and lore business and participating in ceremonies are cultural activities of significance to the people of the community.

Our communities are alive and full of stories about how they came to be and why that place in country is important for health and culture.