WARNING: Aboriginal People and Torres Strait Islander People are warned that this website may contain images of deceased people

Community Services



Our Fitzroy Financial Counselling Service provides a range of help to members such as providing financial support and counselling services to individuals with regard to their banking, tax, small loans and saving needs;

  • Personalised financial counselling sessions to help individuals and families manage their finances and overcome financial difficulties
  • Assistance with developing budgets and financial plans to help achieve long-term financial goals
  • Help with debt management, including negotiating with creditors and developing debt repayment plans
  • Advice on managing bills and expenses, including navigating government services and programs
  • Assistance with financial crises, such as emergencies or unexpected events
  • Superannuation enquiries and payout
  • Outreach to remote communities to provide financial counselling services and support
  • Community financial education and workshops to improve financial literacy and money management skills
  • Advocacy on behalf of individuals and communities to address systemic issues affecting financial stability and wellbeing
  • A culturally sensitive approach that acknowledges and respects the unique needs and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Confidential and non-judgemental support to help people feel empowered and in control of their financial lives.



Remote School Attendance Strategy

Regular school attendance has many positive impacts, kids who attend school more regularly are more confident and learn important life skills for later in life. There can be several barriers to ensuring kids attend school regularly, and the RSAS teams works with parents, families, teachers, and other stakeholder by helping families achieve this. Every student, every family and every community have strengths, and by building upon these there are several tools and approaches we use to help and support kids to attend and enjoy going to school.

The RSAS team offers a variety of services and support, including:

  • talking to children and families about the importance of regular school attendance
  • celebrating and rewarding improved attendance
  • working with families where children are not attending school to find out why, and what we can do to help
  • providing practical support, such as driving children to school, or helping organise school lunches, uniforms, homework, and after-school care, and
  • assisting the school to monitor attendance and follow up on student absences

The Remote School Attendance Strategy team encourage kids to get involved in activities at school, after school or during holidays. We also help families to get their kids enrolled in preschool so they can begin school ready to learn.

We ensure families know what happens at school and can see their children engaged and enjoying learning and assist schools to include more aspects of Aboriginal culture into the curriculum and classroom to help engage families in the community better.


The MWW Youth ConneXion Night Patrol (YCNP) is a joint venture between the Department of Justice as part of the Kimberley Juvenile Justice Strategy and was introduced to effectively respond to the issue of youth crime and anti-social behaviours in Fitzroy Crossing; and working together with broader family support to address root causes and improve the social well-being for families. The YCNP operates 7 days a week 8:30pm – 4:30am.

The YCNP service

  • Monitors locations where young people are likely to congregate and participate in anti-social activities
  • Provides young people with transport to safe locations or home
  • Mentors support to young people
  • Provides immediate health and/or wellbeing assistance
  • Undertakes home visits and welfare checks

The team also provides a follow-up service during daytime business hours, providing services to young people including:

  • Focussing on assisting young people who are street-present with transport and food,
  • Building relationships with children/youth and their families
  • Recording data
  • Working with stakeholders and providing referrals to appropriate support services.

NDIS and Aged Care

Our NDIS Remote Community Connectors Team engage with community members and leaders to understand community protocols and preferences, so that they can work in ways that meet the expectations of the local community and ensure there is a culturally appropriate connection between the community and the NDIA.

The Remote Community Connector Team

  • Informs people about the NDIS generally
  • Supports people with disability to connect with the NDIS and disability support providers
  • Supports people with disability and their families to describe and negotiate their support needs
  • Supports people with disability and their families to connect with both providers and mainstream supports; and
  • Any other activities that are relevant to delivering the NDIS locally

Our Remote Community Connector Team prioritise engagement with the community through regular follow ups to check on their welfare and ensure they are receiving regular visits from service providers; this ensures that we continue to build strong relationships and connections within our communities.

Community Care Services – WA Country Health Service/Kimberley Aged Community Services.

We provide 2 Remote Community Carers who work from the Yirili Women’s Centre to ensure aged people live well in their communities and on their country for as long as possible.

The carers help their clients to

  • Maintain their independence, health and well-being
  • Experience decreased safety risks in the home
  • Increase social and cultural participation
  • Increasing community awareness of the value of older people in their community
  • Provide Transport and access to clinic and other services
  • Personal care support, laundry facilities, meal preparation skills, advocacy